Biohunt Grants

Codondex analysis section encapsulates all the activities for managing, running and sharing your ideas. Codondex currently offers four kinds of anaylsis which are Codondex i-Score, Identical Sequences, Same two-letter starts and miRna.

Run an analysis

  1. Go to Explore page.
  2. Click "New Analysis" button and choose the anaylsis you want to run from dropdown list.
  3. Fill out anaylsis name and choose input files which uploaded by your or other Codondex users.
  4. Or you can click "Documentation" button to learn more about this analysis
  5. Click "Run Anaylsis" button

After your analysis been created, it will be put into queue. It might take a while to get run depends how busy of our system. However you can always contact us to get your analysis run immediately.

Monitoring / Terminate

Go to Explore page. Click your analysis name under "My Analysis" or "All Analysis" tab to view your analysis status and progress.

You can terminate the currenlty process by click "Terminate" button.

Publish / Unpublish

You can choose publish or unpublish your analysis at analysis details page. All the Codondex users can view and download analysis report files after published.


You can delete analysis by click "Delete" button at analysis details page.