$100,000 Bio Hunt

Codondex Bio-Hunt Rules

$100,000 Bio-Hunt

Track 1 - 3 grants $20k

Track 2 - 3 grants $10k

Track 3 -2 grants $5k

Any biological fact

that fits Inclusiveness*!

Codondex has developed a unique patterning and scoring algorithm which analyzes DNA sequences or intron-protein data sets of gene allele/variants.

Our tools count and score the ‘Inclusiveness*’ or recurrences of subsequences from a DNA/RNA sequence, or its relativity to the full gene allele/variant set. Inclusiveness is the frequency a computed subsequence is found in all computed subsequences of the same parent sequence.

We compute comprehensively and at massive scale relationships between protein and ncDNA. Given a set of proteins or mRNA sequences and their whole gene transcripts we compute, score and order topology, using a vector of the set of ncDNA subsequences as they apply to each of their respective proteins. To learn more Download Codondex i-Score TP53 Example Report.

Condondex has already parsed several initial genes from Ensembl data using its pattern algorithm. You may use this data for your Bio-Hunt project. If your project would involve other genes, please submit or be in touch so we can make the necessary arrangements to process your data.

*Inclusiveness data is available in existing reports or new data Codondex computes for you.

Academic submissions are welcome.


Track 1 - Three grants of $20,000 - Full Project Track

Email us your project plan, wait for approval, then execute your approved plan which will prove, using a known biological fact the validity of Inclusiveness as a useful measure for DNA or RNA sequences

On awarding the prize the participant must fully release their data and methods used to reach their conclusion. A document report must accompany the data which explains all the methods and process used.

Track 2 - Three grants of $10,000 - Partial Project Track

As in Track 1 except pre-approval is not prerequisite.

Track 3 - Two grants of $5,000 - Project Plan Track

Design a project plan to test a hypothesis which would test the biological relevance of the inclusiveness measure. The plan must stipulate

In order to enter please sign up at the site.


Submissions will be eligible for grants until a maximum $100,000 has been paid out to successful participants or until Codondex, at its discretion terminates the Bio Hunt program. All submissions will be duly considered and grants granted where proof of the a biological fact is met. Judging will be at the discretion of Codondex scientific panel of experts.

Announcements of grants will be made public including the names of individuals responsible for successful submissions.